Slang Dictionary

  • On this page you will find a list of slang words, acronyms and abbreviations used in websites, chat rooms, blogs, Internet forums or text messaging with cell phones.

    There are many such words in use, some are more widely understood than others, and new ones are evolving all the time. This list is large but incomplete; however it should contain the more commonly used slang words and abbreviations.

    If you have any new abbreviations or acronyms of this type that I can add to this list, please e-mail me with them so that I can update the list!

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DBA = doing business as

DCED = disconnected

DFLA = disenhanced four-letter acronym

DH = darling husband

DIIK = darn if i know

DGA = digital guardian angel

DGARA = donít give a rats ass

DIKU = do i know you?

DIRTFT = do it right the first time

DITYID = did i tell you iím distressed

DIY = do it yourself

DL = download

DL = dead link

DLTBBB = donít let the bad bugs bite

DMMGH = donít make me get hostile

DQMOT = donít quote me on this

DND = do not disturb

DTC = damn this computer

DTRT = do the right thing

DUCT = did you see that?

DWAI = donít worry about it

DWIM = do what i mean

DWIMC = do what i mean, correctly

DWISNWID = do what i say, not what i do

DYJHIW = donít you just hate it when...

DYK = do you know

D&C = duck and cover

D/L = download, transmit to you

DAF = divorced asian female

DAM = divorced asian male

DAP = parents against dyslexia

DBF = divorced black female

DBM = divorced black male

DBN = doing business, not

DD = darling daughter

DEU = dumb end user

DFU = don't forget units

DH = dear hubby; dumb hubby; deaf hubby; dickhead

DIIK = damned if i know

DIIN = damned if i know

DIL = daughter in law

DILLIGAF = does it look like i give a f***?

DILLIGAFF = do i look like i give a flying f***?

DINK = double income, no kids

DINKY = double income, no kids yet

DITUIHIBMSL? did i tell you i hate ibms lately? =

DITUILIBMSL? did i tell you i love ibms lately? =

DJF = divorced jewish female

DJM = divorced jewish male

DK = don't know

DKU = drop kick ugly

DL = download, transmit to you

DLG = devilish little grin

DNA = did not answer

DNPM = darn near p---ed myself

DOA = dead on arrival

DOB = date/day of birth

DOM = dirty old man

DOY = dumbass of the year

DRA = don't recognize acronyms

DS = darling son

DTA = don't trust anybody

DTD = document type definition

DTOKAB = drop to one knee and blow

DTP = desktop publishing

DTRT = do the right thing

DUCWIC = do you see (c) what i see (c)

DUK = dead upon keyboard

DWF = divorced white female

DWIMNWIS = do what i mean, not what i say

DWKOTA = deep wet kiss on the ass

DWKOTL = deep wet kiss on the lips

DWM = divorced white male

DYE = damn your eyes!

DYHWIH = do you hear what i hear

DYSWIS = do you see what i see

DD, DS, DH = darling or dear: dear son, dear daughter, or dear husband. usually exchanged in family chats.

DDSOS = different day, same old s***

DEGT = don't even go there

DIS = did i say

D/L, DL, D/L, DL = downloading, or download it.

DW = don't worry

DLTBBB = don't let the bed bugs bite