Slang Dictionary

  • On this page you will find a list of slang words, acronyms and abbreviations used in websites, chat rooms, blogs, Internet forums or text messaging with cell phones.

    There are many such words in use, some are more widely understood than others, and new ones are evolving all the time. This list is large but incomplete; however it should contain the more commonly used slang words and abbreviations.

    If you have any new abbreviations or acronyms of this type that I can add to this list, please e-mail me with them so that I can update the list!

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G = grin

G2B = going to bed

G&BIT = grin & bear it

G2G = got to go

G2GGS2D = got to go get something to drink

G2GTAC = got to go take a crap

G2GTAP = got to go take a pee

GA = go ahead

GA = good afternoon

GAFIA = get away from it all

GAL = get a life

GAS = greetings and salutations

GBH = great big hug

GBH&K = great big huh and kisses

GBR = garbled beyond recovery

GBY = god bless you

GD&H = grinning, ducking and hiding

GD&R = grinning, ducking and running

GD&RAFAP = grinning, ducking and running as fast as possible

GD&REF&F = grinning, ducking and running even further and faster

GD&RF = grinning, ducking and running fast

GD&RVF = grinning, ducking and running very

GD&W = grin, duck and wave

GDW = grin, duck and wave

GE = good evening

GF = girlfriend

GFETE = grinning from ear to ear

GFN = gone for now

GFU = good for you

GG = good game

GGU2 = good game you two

GIGO = garbage in garbage out

GJ = good job

GL = good luck

GL&GH = good luck and good hunting

GM = good morning / good move / good match

GMAB = give me a break

GMAO = giggling my ass off

GMBO = giggling my butt off

GMTA = great minds think alike

GN = good night

GOK = god only knows

GOWI = get on with it

GPF = general protection fault

GR8 = great

GR&D = grinning, running and ducking

GTG = got to go

GTSY = glad to see you

G = grin (as in )

GAC = get a clue

GAFIA = get away from it all (as in drop out of ilink for a bit)

GAFM = get away from me

GBH&K = great big hugs & kisses

GBH&KB = greak big hugs & kisses back

GBTM = get back to me

GC = garbage collect (tidy up)

GD&R = grinning, ducking & running

GD&RF = grinning, ducking & running fast!

GD&RVVF = grinning, ducking & running very very fast!

GD&W = grinning, ducking & weaving

GFR = grim file reaper (pervasive data destroyer)

GFU = general f*** up

GFY = go f*** yourself

GGC = goo goo cluster (cause zits & intestinal blockage)

GGG = giggle (as in )

GGN = gotta go now

GH = getting hard (male)

GIGO = garbage in, garbage out; garbage in, gospel out (people accepting blindly what the computer says)

GIWIST = gee, i wish i'd said that

GKW = god knows what

GLG = goofy little grin

GLGH = good luck and good hunting

GM = got milk?

GMT = greenwich mean time

GMTA = great minds think alike

GOOML = get out of my life

GOTFIA = groaning on the floor in agony

GOWI = get on with it

GPF = general protection fault; go puke, fast!

GRUIT = get real you impudent thing

GSHIWMP = giggling so hard i wet my pants

GTABO = get that ass back on (in response to roflmao)

GTBOS = glad to be of service

GTFOOMF = get the f*** out of my face

GTG = got to go; good to go

GTP = gone to pee

GW = getting wet (female)

GWATCDR = god willing and the creek don't rise

GEST = gesture ... a small multimedia file played over the internet, usually expressing an emotion or comment.

G/F = girlfriend (also shown as gf, g/f, or gf)

GGOH = gotta get outta here

GR = gotta run

GR&D = grinning, running, and ducking.

GTR = got to run

GTRM = going to read mail (leaving chat room to check email)

G2G = gotta go

GB = goodbye

GM = good match

GMBA = giggling my butt off