Slang Dictionary

  • On this page you will find a list of slang words, acronyms and abbreviations used in websites, chat rooms, blogs, Internet forums or text messaging with cell phones.

    There are many such words in use, some are more widely understood than others, and new ones are evolving all the time. This list is large but incomplete; however it should contain the more commonly used slang words and abbreviations.

    If you have any new abbreviations or acronyms of this type that I can add to this list, please e-mail me with them so that I can update the list!

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N = in

N2M = not too much

N/C = not cool

NE1 = anyone

NETUA = nobody ever tells us anything

NFI = no f***ing idea

NL = not likely

NM = never mind / nothing much

N/M = never mind / nothing much

NMH = not much here

NMJC = nothing much, just chilliní

NOM = no offense meant

NOTTOMH = not of the top of my mind

NOYB = none of your business

NOYFB = none of your f***ing business

NP = no problem

NPS = no problem sweet(ie)

NTA = non-technical acronym

N/S = no s***

NVM = nevermind

NAGI = not a good idea

NAHM = not a happy man

NAHW = not a happy woman

NAVY = never again volunteer yourself

NB = nota bene (note well)

NBD = no big deal

NBL = not bloody likely

NBTD = nothing better to do

NERD = national establishment for real dorks

NFG = no f***ing good

NFIAA = no f***ing idea at all

NFW = no f***ing way

NFY = no f*** you

NG = news group

NHOH = never heard of him/her

NIAA = no idea at all

NICBDAT = nothing is certain but death and taxes

NIDWTC = no i don't want to chat

NIH = not invented here

NIMBY = not in my back yard

NIMFYE = not in my front yard either

NINO = nothing in, nothing out

NIMTO = not in my term of office

NIT = not in therapy

NLI = not logged in

NM = nevermind

NMFJ = not my f***ing job

NMI = no middle initial

NN = night-night

NOPE = not on planet earth

NORWICH = knickers off ready when i come home

NOYB = none of your business

NPA = non-performing assets

NPF = no problem found

NPLU = not people like us

NQA = no questions asked

NQOS = not quite our sort

NRN = no reply necessary

NSS = no s***, shylock/sherlock

NTG = not too good

NTH = no therapy helpful

NTIBOA = not that i'm bitter or anything

NTIM = not that it matters

NTIMM = not that it matters much

NTL = nevertheless / nonetheless

NUI = network user identification

NWCDP = nothing we could do partner

NYM = new york minute

NYP = not your problem

NEWBIE = refers to a person who is new to an area or technology. also seen as nube, nooby, nubie, nb, etc.

NFW = no feasible (or f***ing) way

NM, OR NM = never mind

NP, NP = no problem

NRN = no response necessary or not right now

NT = no thanks

N/A = not available

NC = no comment

NM = not much

NW = no way

NADT = not a darn thing