Slang Dictionary

  • On this page you will find a list of slang words, acronyms and abbreviations used in websites, chat rooms, blogs, Internet forums or text messaging with cell phones.

    There are many such words in use, some are more widely understood than others, and new ones are evolving all the time. This list is large but incomplete; however it should contain the more commonly used slang words and abbreviations.

    If you have any new abbreviations or acronyms of this type that I can add to this list, please e-mail me with them so that I can update the list!

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PAW = parents are watching

PDS = please donít shoot

PEBCAK = problem exists between chair and keyboard

PLZ = please

PM = private message

PMJI = pardon my jumping in (another way for pmfji)

PMFJI = pardon me for jumping in

PMP = peed my pants

POAHF = put on a happy face

POOF = i have left the chat

POTB = pats on the back

POS = parents over shoulder

PPL = people

PS = post script

PSA = public show of affection

PABG = pack a big gun

PBD = programmer brain damage

PBM = play by mail (games)

PCB = please call back

PCMCIA = people can't master/memorize computer industry acronyms; personal computer memory card international association

PCO = please carry on

PCYLIHOONL = please cross your legs, i have only one nail left

PD = public domain

PDA = public display of affection

PDN = public data network

PDQ = pretty damn quick

PF&HOMW = printed, framed & hanging on my wall

PFM = pure f***ing magic

PFY = pimply faced youth

PGY = post graduate year (as in pgy-1, pgy-2 etc. used in pgy med)

PHAT = pretty hot and tempting

PHB = pointy haired boss (from dilbert, i.e., doesn't have a clue)

PHD = piled higher and deeper.

PHD = push here dummy (type of automatic camera)

PICNIC = problem in chair, not in computer

PIMP = pee in my pants (often in combination)

PITA = pain in the ass

PITBY = put it in their back yard

PJW = please just wait

PKB = pot, kettle, black!

PLBKAC = problem lies between keyboard and chair

PLMKO = please let me know, ok?

PLOKTA = press lots of keys to abort

PLONK = please leave our newsgroup, killfiled!

PMBI = pardon my butting in

PMETC = pardon me etc.

PMFBI = pardon me for butting in

PMFJIH = pardon me for jumping in here.

PMJI = pardon my jumping in

PMYMHMMFSWGAD pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone =

PMYMHMMFSWGAS pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a s***. =

POC = prisoner of chat; peeping other chatters

POETS = piss on everything, tomorrow's saturday; piss off early,

POITS = piss on it tomorrow's saturday

POM = phase of the moon

POME = prisoner of mother england

POP = point of presence; post office protocol

POS = piece of s***; person over shoulder

POSSLQ = person of opposite sex sharing living quarters

POQ = piss off quickly

POQADCB = piss off quickly and don't come back!

POV = point of view

PPN = programmer project number (currently known as userid)

PPOSTFU = post proof or shut the f*** up

PPP = petty pet peeve; point to point protocol

PPPP = previous paragraph was polemical position

PS = post scriptum; postscript

PT = physical training

PTB = powers that be

PTM = please tell me

PTO = patent and trademark office (us govt); please turn over

PUNTS = people of utterly no tactical significance (military term)

PW = pathetic wanker; powwow

PYS = pack your stuff

P911 = my parents are in the room. p=parents, and 911=emergency, in other words either drop the subject, or watch the language.

PANS = pretty awesome new stuff (often referring to computer technology)

PCMCIA = personal computer memory cards international association

PCMCIA = people can't master computer industry acronyms (slang)

PEEPS = people. example: there sure are a lot of peeps in this room - meaning a lot of people are in the chat room.

PEEP THIS = hey, listen to this, i've got some interesting news.

PITA = pain in the ass

PMJI = pardon me for jumping in (when you enter into a new conversation)

POOF = when someone leaves a chat room, often seen as *poof* as in boy he *poofed* in a hurry.

POTS = plain old telephone service

POS = parents are looking over my shoulder.

POTS = parents over the shoulder - (my parents are watching, i can't really talk)

POS = parent over shoulder

PDS = please don't shoot

PITA = pain in the a$$