Slang Dictionary

  • On this page you will find a list of slang words, acronyms and abbreviations used in websites, chat rooms, blogs, Internet forums or text messaging with cell phones.

    There are many such words in use, some are more widely understood than others, and new ones are evolving all the time. This list is large but incomplete; however it should contain the more commonly used slang words and abbreviations.

    If you have any new abbreviations or acronyms of this type that I can add to this list, please e-mail me with them so that I can update the list!

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SEG = s*** eating grin

SH = same here

SN = screen name

SNAFU = situation normal, all fouled up

SO = significant other

SOL = s*** out of luck

SOS = same old s*** (stuff)

SOTA = state of the art (latest technology)

SPST = same place, same time

SSDD = same s***, different day

STR8 = straight

STW = search the web

SY = sincerely yours

SYL = see you later

S2R = send to receive

SAMAGAL = stop annoying me and get a live

SCNR = sorry, could not resist

SETE = smiling ear to ear

SH = so hot

SHICPMP = so happy i could piss my pants

SHID = slaps head in disgust

SHMILY = see how much i love you

SNAFU = situation normal, all f***ed up

SOHF = sense of humor failure

SOMY = sick of me yet?

SPAM = stupid personsí advertisement

SRY = sorry

SSDD = same s*** different day

STBY = sucks to be you

STFU = shut the f*ck up

STI = stick(ing) to it

SWAK = sealed with a kiss

SWALK = sweet, with all love, kisses

SWL = screaming with laughter

SIM = s***, itís monday

SITWB = sorry, in the wrong box

S/U = shut up

SYS = see you soon

SYSOP = system operator

S/O = someone (frequently just s/o )

S/TH = something (frequently just s/th )

S2BX = soon to be ex

SAF = single asian female

SAM = single asian male

SAMF = sad ass mother f***er

SAMFU = self-adjusting military f*** up

SAMFUTU = situation abnormal, more f***ed up than usual

SAPFU = surpassing all previous f*** ups

SAR = smart ass remark

SAYOR = speak at your own risk

SBB = stupid beyond belief

SBCN = sitting behind the computer, naked

SBD = silent but deadly

SBF = single black female

SBID = s***ty but it'll do

SBM = single black male

SCUBA = self contained underwater breathing apparatus

SDIHTT = someday i'll have the time

SEC = second, eg. wait a sec

SEP = somebody else's problem

SFLA = stupid four letter acronym

SFT = sorry for that

SGML = standardized general markup language

SH = s*** happens

SHLH = sitting here lauging hysterically

SHTS = spit hitting the spam

SHTSI = somebody had to say it

SICS = sitting in chair snickering

SIG = special interest group

SIIN = stuffed if i know!

SIL = son in law; sister in law

SITD = still in the dark

SJF = single jewish female

SJM = single jewish male

SLATFATF = so long, and thanks for all the fish (4th part of thhgttg)

SLIP = single line in protocol; serial line internet protocol

SLJ = s***ty little job

SLJO = s***ty little job officer

SMAR = suck my ass raw

SMDP = system monitoring display protocol

SMEF = serious massive existence failure

SMMWO = shut my mouth wide open

SMO = serious mode on

SMOF = secret master(s) of fandom

SMOP = small matter of programming

SMOFF = serious mode off

SMTP = simple mail transfer protocol

SNAC = sitting naked at computer

SNAFU = situation normal: all f***ed up

SNAG = sensitive new age guy

SNERT = snot-nosed egotistical rude teenager

SNFIAA = still no f***ing idea at all

SNR = signal to noise ratio

SOB = son of a bitch

SOH = sense of humor

SOI = stink on ice

SOP = standing operational procedures; standard operating procedure

SOS = same old s***

SOSO = same old, same-old

SOVS = someone very special

SPAM = spiced ham (hormel's canned meat)

SSDD = same s***, different day

SSIA = subject says it all

ST = star trek; such that (frequently just s.t. )

ST-DS9 = star trek, deep space 9

ST-TNG = star trek, the next generation

ST-TOS = star trek, the original series

ST-VOY = star trek, voyager

STFU = shut the f*** up

STFW = search the fine/f***ing web

STIFF = stiff , said loudly.

STI / ST-TMP = star trek, first movie / the motion picture

STII / ST-WOK star trek, second movie / 'wrath of khan' =

STIII / ST-SFS = star trek, third movie / 'search for spock'

STIV / ST-TVH star trek, fourth movie / 'the voyage home' =

STS = so to speak

STV / ST-TFF = star trek, fifth movie / 'the final frontier'

STVI / ST-TUC star trek, sixth movie / 'the undiscovered country' =

SUCDIC = situation under control, dickheads in charge

SUFID = screwing up face in disgust

SUNOILTY = shut up, no one is listening to you

SUSFU = situation unchanged, still f***ed up

SUYP = shut up you pervert

SW = software; so what?; says whom?; starwars

SW-SE = starwars special edition

SWAG = simple wild ass guess; scientific wild ass guess

SWAK = sealed with a kiss

SWALK = sealed with a loving kiss

SWCOC = special wishes, comments, or corrections

SWDYRTW = since when do you rule the web?

SWF = single white female

SWM = single white male

SWMBO = she who must be obeyed


SYT = sweet young thing

SMH = shaking my head

SOS = someone over shoulder

SOSO = same old, same old

SP? = spelling?

SUP = what's up

SOT = short of time

SOTMG = short of time must go

SWAS = scientific wild a$$ guess